Why the inkjet printer display does not light up for Fedar Printer?

December 13, 2019

The display of the Fedar dye sublimation Printer inkjet printer has the function of indication. We can select the one we want to operate according to the display screen, but sometimes the photo display will not light up. What is the reason? Let’s follow the small series below. Look.


First, power on

When the power is turned on, the inkjet printer starts normally and the display does not light up. It may be that there is a problem with the LCD cable. At this time, the LCD screen should be checked.


Second, the boot is not powered:

1. The photo power cable of the inkjet printer is too loose, causing the inkjet printer to not start. At this time, the display of the panel is not bright. You need to check if the power cable is connected properly.

2. The fuse of the inkjet printer is blown. When the fuse is blown, the inkjet printer cannot be started normally, and the control panel display will not light up. The fuse line needs to be replaced at this time.

 What is the reason why the in  inkjet printer display does not light up?

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