Fedar sublimation printer's requirements for working environment

March 15, 2021

Correct use of Fedar sublimation printer can not only reduce number of failures of sublimation textile printer, but also prolong service life of Fedar sublimation printer. So what are requirements for working environment of Fedar sublimation printer?

Fedar Sublimation Printer

Under normal circumstances, Fedar sublimation printer has relatively high requirements for working environment, especially temperature and humidity. If environment is not suitable, it will greatly affect work of Fedar sublimation printer. Following are some of requirements for working environment of Fedar sublimation printer.


1.Temperature requirements of working environment of Fedar sublimation printer: Normally, temperature of Fedar sublimation printer indoor environment should be controlled at 10-25 degrees Celsius. It is best to put a thermometer indoors so that working environment of Fedar sublimation printer can be monitored at any time.


2.Humidity requirements for working environment of sublimation textile printer: humidity requirements of Fedar sublimation printer are generally 35-80%. Generally, winter is relatively cold, and there will be heating or air conditioning in room, which will cause indoor environment to be relatively dry. Sprinkle some water on indoor floor, or place a humidifier.


3.In addition to paying attention to temperature and humidity requirements of sublimation printer, it is also important to keep room clean. If there is a lot of dust in room or a lot of debris is stacked next to sublimation textile printer, a lot of static electricity will also be generated, which will interfere with print head of textile printer.

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