Working environment of Fedar direct textile printer print head

May 12, 2021

Print head of Fedar direct textile printer is a very precise and expensive accessory. Once there is a problem with print head of inkjet textile printer, it is very likely that a new print head needs to be replaced, so we must ensure that working environment of direct textile printer print head is suitable.

Inkjet Textile Printer

1. Fedar direct textile printer must be kept in a working room with a relative temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is best to configure thermometer and air-conditioning settings where inkjet textile printer works;


2. The same as temperature, relative humidity must be kept at 40%-70%. Therefore, Fedar direct textile printer must be equipped with a hygrometer and humidifier in working place;


3. It is best for Fedar direct textile printer workshop to be clean and dust-free. We do not recommend use of inkjet textile printer for non-isolated and enclosed facade room. When necessary, you can prepare a dust collector;


4. Fedar direct textile printer must have a reliable and effective grounding wire to prevent static electricity. In many cases, many accidents occurred because of lack of grounding, resulting in heavy losses.

Fedar Direct Textile Printer

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