Why do print heads of sublimation textile printer need to be cleaned frequently?

May 07, 2021

Users who often use sublimation textile printer should know that print head of sublimation textile printer needs to be cleaned frequently, so why? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer will answer for you.

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Solvent in ink must be volatilized into air to make picture dry. Therefore, ink is a volatile liquid, which is easy to volatilize in air and clear out solids. When nozzle is spraying on fabric, there will always be a part of ink around it. After this part of ink is dried in air, nozzle will gradually become smaller or even block nozzle, but because it is outside nozzle, it is very It is easy to clean up, which is why we often clean nozzle.


Fedar sublimation printer, with automatic nozzle cleaning, automatic flash spray moisturizing function, making your inkjet printing more worry-free.

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