What to do if there is ghosting and misalignment when Fedar sublimation printer is working?

March 17, 2021

In process of using sublimation textile printer, it is a common fault of ghosting and misalignment images during printing. Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers share two techniques to easily solve printing ghosting and misalignment failures.

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1. Check encoder strip of Fedar sublimation printer, whether encoder strip is same as in normal working state, because encoder strip is key to positioning image, there must be no dirt, and in daily use of sublimation textile printer, it is easy to be affected by dust and ink, which makes encoder strip use not normal, so user can clean encoder strip and then perform printing test.


2. Check whether carriage of Fedar sublimation printer is moving smoothly. Movement of Fedar sublimation printer's trolley is key to controlling print head to achieve precise positioning of inkjet. If there is too much resistance during movement, it will cause nozzles are randomly ejected, printed image will appear disordered or ghosted. At this time, you need to check whether gaskets, copper sleeves, etc. of trolley have foreign objects or are severely worn. Remember to add lubricating oil after cleaning.

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