What should I do if high temperature affects work of Fedar DTF printer?

April 29, 2021

As temperature gets higher and higher, impact on working status of t shirt printer is also increasing. What should users pay attention to when using Fedar DTF printer?

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Temperature has a great influence on t shirt printer. After repeated verification by research and development team of Fedar printer, the best working environment temperature of Fedar DTF printer is 15-30℃ and humidity is 35-65%. Temperature is too high or too low will affect Fedar DTF printer Working state. If working environment temperature is too high, it will cause high temperature of control board of Fedar DTF printer, and then affect printing function, and may even damage it.


As ink of t shirt printer will change due to temperature changes, too high temperature will cause viscosity of ink of t shirt printer to change, which will affect ink output of printer. Therefore, in high-temperature environments, pay attention to cooling working environment of

Fedar DTF printer, such as turning on air conditioner, sprinkling water on ground, and opening windows to reduce ambient temperature.

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