Solution for two-way calibration of banner printer does not work

March 25, 2020

Calibration of the Fedar banner printer before using is also an extremely important part. If it is not calibrated, it may cause color cast. General steps of banner printer calibration: Click the function menu on the standby interface, enter the parameter setting option, and then select deviation correction; enter the corresponding value in the two-way calibration.
But sometimes we find that two-way may not be calibrated. How can we eliminate this situation? Several common situations summarized below:
1. Check whether vertical and two-way are calibrated and re-calibrate vertical and two-way;
2. The register is incorrect, recalibrate the register table;
3.Y motor gear cap is loose and re-fixed;
4. Check whether the grating is worn or the grating is too dirty;
5. Reinstall the control software.
For the operation of the printer, customers should do a good job of training and learning after purchasing, which will save a lot of unnecessary trouble in the later operation. As a banner printer manufacturer, our company has absorbed and condensed a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel and a progressive young management group, forming a strong technical team and increasingly rigorous management system, focusing on providing the comprehensive solutions, especially in the field of banner printer with the most advanced production technology and the most professional technical team.

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