Method for correctly installing and removing printhead of printer

March 20, 2020

During the use of the Fedar cavans printer, due to wear or deterioration of the printhead, we all need to replace the new printhead. However, the printhead is a very precise component, and the replacement of the printhead must be performed in accordance with the requirements. The following is the specific link to be paid attention to when installing and removing the printhead.
① Empty the ink in the printhead and rinse it with a special cleaning solution;
② Turn off the machine power and unplug the power socket;
③ Use a multimeter to test the body to see if there is static electricity, and discharge the static electricity;
④Remove the right screw fixing the printhead, loosen the upper and left screws, and remove the printhea;
⑤ Put the printhea on the non-woven fabric with cleaning solution and put it in the printhea packing box.

Install Printhead