Information to pay attention to when buying a epson printer

March 24, 2020

Before purchasing the epson silk printer, users will have to know the detailed information of the printer in advance, so which printer information should be carefully and paid special attention to?
First of all, let's look at the accessories of the printer: the printer is composed of multiple accessories, and the quality of the accessories directly determines the nature of the equipment.Most of the accessories for good printers are imported accessories of high quality.For example, the fedar epson silk printer uses Epson printhead, Japan THK guide, Germany IGUS chain, U.S. fluorine rubber paper pressing wheel, etc.
Secondly, look at the parameters of the printer: the parameters of the printer include the printing accuracy,speed and width. Then according to their actual printing needs to determine whether this printer is applicable.For more indoor printing, it is recommended to select the one with high printing accuracy;For outdoor printing, the printer equipped with Epson's 5th generation head is more better.In addition, if the printing width is required to be high, an ultra-wide printer can be selected, so that subsequent splicing steps can be omitted, and printing working hours can be saved.
Finally, look at the price of the printer: combine the accessories and parameters of the printer to determine the cost performance of it’s.The cost-performance ratio depends not only on a certain factor, so the price level does not determine the cost-performance ratio of the printer. Good quality printers are bound to have high prices, while high price printers are not necessarily good quality, so we must clarify this relationship.Looking at whether the price of the printer is suitable needs to be combined with the quality. Only in this way can we choose a printer with high cost performance.

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