How to correctly replace Fedar sublimation printer accessories?

March 26, 2021

How to correctly replace parts of sublimation textile printer to prevent damage? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers have summarized some precautions for your reference.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Replace print head of Fedar sublimation printer: When using a new print head, you need to use a needle tube to inject a small amount of ink into empty nozzle. When filling ink, pull out needle and turn nozzle upward so that ink will not flow out.


2. Cleaning capping station of Fedar sublimation printer: If there is too much ink on capping station, you need to take out it, clean it with pure water, gently shake off water stains, wipe surface dry, and put it back in place. When taking capping station, pull wrench on inner side of capping station slightly outward and lift it up to take it out.


3. Copper sleeve of Fedar sublimation printer: When removing copper sleeve, lift black clip slightly and take out copper sleeve. Do not install protruding point of copper sleeve in opposite direction. Be sure to wipe it inwards and upwards once every two to three days.


4. Wipe contacts: yellow metal block on back side of print head corresponds to metal dots on white flat cable on ink carriage frame. Sometimes ink will be strung on contacts to break Fedar sublimation printer. Wipe contacts with pure water after electricity.


5. Loading paper: When loading paper from back, stick to white line on upper side of paper on right side, and push both sides of paper up horizontally until it stops, and Fedar sublimation printer will automatically load paper.

Sublimation Textile Printer

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