Factors that prevent the printer car from moving left and right

March 26, 2020

Users who have used the printer know that the car can be said to be the core accessory of the printer, and the printing work is all done by moving the car frame left and right. When the carriage cannot move left and right, our printing work can only be terminated. In this case, where should we troubleshoot?
1. Whether the polarity of the encoder sensor is reversed, try adjusting the polarity of the encoder strip;
2. The connection of the encoder sensor cable is not good. Rearrange the cable to make a good connection.
3. The encoder sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one;
4. Limit sensor problem, check whether the limit sensor is sensitive, if it is not sensitive, it needs to be replaced;
5. There is a problem with the encoder strip of the car board. Replace a new one.

Printer Car cannot Moving