What is the cause of the print pause and the solution?

January 02, 2020


Fedar Transfer Paper Printer Machine

The transfer paper printer machine may be paused during use,the following is the phenomenon:

(1) The printer's print head has a long pause at both ends;

(2) After sending the print command, during the printout of the photo machine, the carriage of the print head will move slowly and quickly, and it is unstable. A picture can be faster in the second stage, and the first stage is very slow;

(3) After the printer has been printing continuously for a long time, the printer will noticeably print slowly.

Causes and solutions:

1,use the exclusion method to check. The first is the problem of the computer connected to the printer. For example, infected with computer malicious viruses, Trojan horse programs, etc., causing the computer operating system to run slowly, slow data transmission to the computer's Montenegrin software and make the photo machine appear to be stuck; At this time, we can replace the computer to test and print to eliminate the printing stall caused by computer problems. Or reinstall the computer operating system, update Montenegrin related software to test and solve.

2,Computer network card compatibility issues. Some users use computer network cards that have compatibility issues. For example, some computer motherboards have network adapter chips with compatibility issues that can cause slow transmission during network transfers.Please do not use an external USB network card to connect. According to the technical staff's test of the external USB network card, the printer will freeze. For desktop computers, if you want to use an external network card, you can use an external PCI8139 network card.

3,The network port printer is connected to the computer. It is recommended that the computer be directly connected to the printing machine. Use a normal network cable to connect it. It is recommended that the network cable is not too long. If you use a router or other network switching equipment to connect, it will also affect the data transmission if the network is not good.

4,Problems with the data control board on the printing machine,for example, the chip on the data control motherboard is hot or the memory of a certain chip's electronic components is bad will also affect the print. At this time, you need to repair the board or replace the data control board.