December 13, 2019

Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,

The appearance of printing paper bulging can severely affect the printing effect, even cause print pictures of scrap. There are many reasons causing the feeding of the arch as following:

A. Check to see if it’s the reason of the material itself, material is unqualified or inferior materials; Materials not only can cause unusual paper feeding , also can cause printed images halo ink, and so on and so forth. Other materials can also cause paper feed bulging of be affected with damp be affected with damp, and so on and so forth, so pay attention to the materials are properly placed at ordinary times, completes the moistureproof work.

B. The direct reason is the abnormalities of feeding system. For example,the step of upper paper is not in accordance with roll paper. Another reason is that there is onstacle picture drawing end leading to the feeding bulging. It’s time to remove obstacles and adjust the scraps of paper press while to see if pressure paper too tight, causing the paper feed poorly.

C. Another reason is that the drying fan is abnormal.The principle of drying fan is the fan rotation causing the pressure upon the material greater than the pressure under the material, so that the material can be firmly attached on the front panel. The abnormal of function of the drying fan can cause abnormal paper feeding.