How to maintain Fedar textile printing machine?

January 13, 2020

Fedar Textile Printing Machine

As a printing machine, the daily maintenance for Fedar textile printer is very important. Effective maintenance techniques can extend its service life and bring more economic benefits to the manufacturers.

Today, Fedar printer would like to share with you some of the maintenance techniques for textile digital printing machine.

1.Clean nozzles and cartridges regularly.

Because the ink may precipitate if it is left for too long, the nozzle and ink of the digital printing machine should be cleaned regularly to avoid blocking of ink channels. In this way, its printing quality can also be effectively guaranteed.

2.Control room temperature and humidity.

Generally speaking, in the range of 40% - 60% relative humidity, the static electricity on the printing material is more easily transferred and removed, which will not affect the ink drop on the nozzle of the printing machine, thus ensuring the printing accuracy. It is suggested to open window regularly to ensure good ventilation.

3.Do not use ink with too high viscosity.

Although the weight of ink drops is good to reduce the statics, the viscosity is too large to bring harm to the printhead of the digital printing machine.

4.Check flash and wiper regularly.

Check the cleaning condition of flash and wiper at least once a week. If there is any wool and other sundries, please use tweezers or tissue paper to remove the sundries.

5.Do a good job in dust prevention.

Do a good job of dust prevention in the room. Do not put it together with the machine prone to smoke and dust, so as to prevent the nozzle from blocking.

We believe with the above suggestions,Fedar textile printing machine will bring you more benefit and expand business very fast.