December 13, 2019


It’s very important for you to work with a reliable&Professional Company for international business. We have been experienceing all different situations and problems with overseas friends. Some of them lost money during transaction,Some can not get support after purchase,etc Here belows are couple of our ideas how to find a reliable partner from China.

Step 1. Try to check out the background of your potential supplier. Always we think working with a big company will have more insurance to support after sales. At least they will never steal your money so you will get what you have paid for. 

Working with the correct person with good personality. If you are lucky to work with a right person which can be 100% trusted. He can help you in all things you are doing in China. Can help you check the backgroud of other suppliers you find out .Check if they are reliable or not. Can help you organize your different suppliers as 1 shippment.etc

Step 2. Can make a visit to their factory see how their people working in all things. Including production line, Ways of treating clients, Professional skills they have.

To be honest, All companys say they are best in China or they are the real manufacturer but less than 30% of them are real factorys. I heard a true feedback from one of my clients,They had been taken to same factory 3times during 2days visit for Laser& CNC router by different So called "manufacturer" .

Step 3. Make a test order before large purchase.Then check If they can offer efficient support after sales.

All in all, we think the most important thing is to partner with a correct person in a reliable company.