December 30, 2019

EPSON4720 Printhead

Higher Resolution:Because The smallest droplet of EPS3200 (4720) is only 2.5PL,which is significantly lower than the 7PL of Ricoh GEN5. Therefore, the printing output of EPS3200 (4720) has higher resolution, smaller graininess and more delicate performance.

Faster Speed:The speed of EPS3200 (4720) is obviously faster than that of the Ricoh Gen5 . For example, if customer want to print full color(CMYK) with 4 printheads EPS3200 (4720) or with 4pcs of Gen 5, both with 6 pass . The EPS3200 (4720) head speed is about 30-40 Sqm/H, but the GEN5 is only 20-28 Sqm/H

Lower Maintance Cost:The price of EPS3200 (4720) is much cheaper, it’s cost only about 15% of the Ricoh GEN5, so the cost of the printhead is very low. Moreover, since the UV ink price of the EPS3200 (4720) is also lower than that of the GEN5, the less csot of  the board system , so the total cost of the whole machine is very low. For customers, low cost means more markets share and more profits.