7 reasons why the image output has color difference

February 21, 2020

Fedar Sublimation Printing

1. Paste, caused by frequent cleaning of the print head
Fuzz ink breakage and other faults need to clean the print head frequently, which will cause color differences and discontinuous effects on the screen. Because the print head has different results before and after cleaning, we recommend that you check the working status of the digital printing machine before digital printing to ensure that it is correct before production. Second, you need to buy quality when selecting ink Excellent, guaranteed quality ink.

2, the quality of the media
Inferior media have poor ink absorption (unevenness), which leads to uneven ink staining, and the image is prone to chromatic aberration.

3.The ink supply system is unstable (especially the ink cartridge level)
The level of the ink cartridge liquid level greatly affects the ink supply power of the print head and directly affects the printing effect. When the liquid level is high, the color is darker than when the liquid level is low, which causes the color difference of the screen.

4. Have done other processing during printing
Other processing may be changing the media (largely spliced picture) during printing, replacing ink or refilling different types of inks, or the pause time is too long or the frequency of pauses is too frequent during printing. The above operations may cause discontinuous pictures and chromatic aberration in the image output.

In order to avoid the above situation, we need to check whether the media and ink are sufficient before printing. If problems are found, we need to replenish them in time. It should be noted that for digital printing machines equipped with heating and drying devices, the pause time is too long. The color difference of several PASS images printed before and after the pause is very different.

5, the print head working voltage is unstable or change the voltage during printing
The working voltage of the print head directly affects the ejection strength of the ink droplets (especially the piezoelectric print head), and from the overall visual effect, there will be different shades and different sharpness effects. Therefore, before the printout, the printhead voltage should be set normally (usually adjusted in software), and the input terminal of the printer should be connected with a voltage stabilization device.

6, the negative pressure is unstable
For printers that use the negative pressure principle to supply ink, the negative pressure is unstable and directly affects the ink supply pressure of the print head, which in turn affects the inkjet effect of the print head.

7, picture stitching
The same picture, different machines or printing under different conditions (mainly for large screens that need to be stitched). Even different printers of the same model, the printing effect (color difference) has different differences. On the whole, there is color difference. Therefore, if there is a picture that needs to be stitched, try to use the same printer to complete the printing on the same conditions to maintain the overall effect and continuity;

The above 7 points are the 7 reasons for the color difference of the image output on 6head Fedar printer. Do you understand? The daily production of digital printing needs a lot of attention especially for 250Sqm/H high speed sublimation printer, the ink used, attention to quality, and standardized operation.