January 24, 2019

Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,

It seems easy but its a frequent question being asked by our customers " Can i trust this company?" " Do you know this company "? Well here we have 3 key points for you to check out their reliability.

Key 1: If you already have a reliable friend in China, Thats will be easist way to help you check out. He can check online and make phone call and even make a visit to them.

Key 2. Ask them to send you clear photos of their production line, Company overveiws,Exhibitions shows photos,etc. I think you can easily firgue out if the photos are PS or not. Mostly those companys which are very active with big booth plan at past shows in many years must be a big factory to suppor this type of activities. Small companys or trading companys will not have this budjet for such shows.

Key 3. You can make a visit yourself then, What we say is seeing is believing. But this maybe the most cost way to spend money and timing coming to China.

So all in all, we suggest key 1 as your previous choice. Parnter with a reliable person to help you with all business related in China.