Talking about the difference between paint printing and reactive printing?

December 13, 2019

Paint printing and reactive printing process to illustrate which printing is good: with paint ink, most of the machines can be directly printed on the textile, suitable for the machine direct spray belt guide, the production process is simple and clear. The general production process of reactive inks must be printed--direct injection--washing--steaming--washing water. In general, it is necessary to process before and after the process, and the production process is complicated. Generally, there are many paints.


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From the color fastness, it is better to describe the paint printing and reactive printing: the color fastness of the activity is generally 4-5, and it is necessary to make the fading generally use whether the washing friction is discolored or not, and whether the high temperature blister is discolored. The color fastness of the paint is generally at level 3, and it will not fade after being washed in the washing machine. In general, the color fastness of the reactive print is better in terms of color fastness.


Brightness to illustrate which paint printing and reactive printing is good: reactive ink can penetrate into the fiber, the color is very bright. The paint ink generally penetrates the surface of the fiber, and the vividness is relatively weak relative to the activity.


From the perspective of environmental protection, which printing is good: the paint ink printing process is generally printed on the front side of the fabric, which is easily decomposed by nature and fully meets environmental protection requirements. The reactive printing is infiltrated into the front and back of the fabric, which is difficult to be decomposed by nature. It is not environmentally friendly, and now the international community advocates environmental protection themes, and it is strict to ban pollutants, so the market does not allow the national conditions not allowed. We use paint printing more.


In terms of production cost: the active production process is very responsible, and its production cost is high, and many machines are needed, and the finished product is also very expensive. The process of coating printing relative activity is very simple, and it is directly printed, and the cost is relatively low.