HSB color mode of code printing pattern

July 08, 2021

For digital printing, there are still many principles that cannot be mastered in half a month and a month. If you want to become an engineer in the digital printing industry, you also need to understand a lot of mechanics, mechanics and chromatics. The problems in the printing process will be solved quickly. Friends in the printing industry know that the color of the pattern is the biggest explanation of the company to the customer. Today, I will share with you the color mode of the digital printing pattern.

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Generally, the actual effect of textile printing is quite different from the effect displayed on the computer screen. This is not only related to the fabric and ink used, but also an important reason for the different color modes used by the monitor and the inkjet printer.


In color science, the color representation method is called color model or color model. The color model is used to describe the colors seen and processed by the human eye. Use numerical values ​​to represent Xeno. Different color modes have different methods of describing and classifying colors.


The color range generated by a specific color mode is called the color space. The color model determines the relationship between values, and the color space defines the absolute meaning of these values ​​as colors. Some color modes have a fixed color space (such as L*a*b* and XYZ), which are directly related to the way the human eye perceives colors, so they can be regarded as device-independent; while other color modes (such as RGB, HSL) , HSB, CMYK, etc.) may have many different color spaces, which are different for each related color space or device, so they are regarded as device-related.

HSB color mode:


The HSB color model starts from the human visual system and uses H (hue), S (saturation), and B (brightness) to describe colors, sometimes also called HSV.


Among them, H, S, and B are exactly the three attributes of color, which means that this color model uses the three attributes of color to describe colors.


The HSB color space can be described by a conical space model. Although the cone mode describing this color space is quite complicated, it can clearly show the changes in hue, brightness, and saturation.


The HSB color model is similar to the hue, chroma, and lightness of the Munsell color system to some extent, and also uses three axes to define colors. HSB is derived from the RGB color space and is a device-related color space. The three basic color characteristics in HSB are as follows.


① Hue The color that is reflected by or transmitted through the object. On a standard color wheel of 0°-360°, hue is measured by position. In normal use, the hue is represented by the color name, such as red, orange, or green.

⑦ Saturation, also called chroma, refers to the vividness or purity of a color. Saturation represents the proportion of the gray component in the hue, from 0 (gray) to 100% (fully saturated). On the standard color wheel, the saturation increases sequentially from the center to the edge.

③Brightness refers to the relative brightness of the forehead color, and the measurement range is 0 (black) to 100% (white).

Hue and saturation are usually called chroma, which is used to indicate the type and depth of color. Human vision is more sensitive to brightness than to color shades. In order to facilitate color processing and recognition, the color of the human visual system usually adopts the HSB color space, because it is more in line with human visual characteristics than the RGB color series. A large number of algorithms in image processing and computer vision can be conveniently used in the HSB color space, can be processed separately, and are independent of each other. Therefore, using the HSB color space can greatly reduce the workload of image analysis and processing.

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Since the HSB mode can directly reflect the relationship between colors, it is very suitable for color design. Most image processing or image design software provides this color mode.


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