Reasons for slow printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer

March 04, 2021

There are many reasons for slow printing speed of sublimation textile printer. Today Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers have summarized some of reasons, hoping to help users.

Sublimation Textile Printer
1. There are many types of printing modes for Fedar sublimation printer. If high PASS printing mode is selected, slow printing speed is normal. High pass printing has high accuracy, but accuracy and speed are complementary relationships are difficult to unify.

2. The second problem is picture of Fedar sublimation printer. If picture is too large, printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer will be very slow. Generally, picture should not exceed 300M. Before Fedar sublimation printer working, you can check properties of picture to make sure it is not too large, otherwise printing speed is very slow, and it is possible that printing stops midway.

3. There is also problem of computer of Fedar sublimation printer. If computer system resources are occupied, printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer will be affected. Solution is to suspend all occupied programs and let computer system concentrate on controlling printing software. In addition, if computer version is too low and configuration is too low, it will affect printing speed of sublimation textile printer, because print data is transmitted to printing device through computer. If computer configuration is low, data transmission speed will be very slow, which will inevitably slow down printing speed.

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