How to troubleshoot Fedar sublimation printer ink cartridges?

January 30, 2021

Technology of Fedar sublimation printer is becoming more and more sophisticated, and technical content is getting higher and higher. However, when using sublimation textile printer, you may encounter ink cartridge failure. Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer suggests that you can take following methods to troubleshoot.

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1. New ink cartridge of Fedar sublimation printer does not inkjet ink: first check whether there is a problem with ink cartridge, and then judge whether it is ink cartridge or sublimation printer head problem according to self-checking pattern.


2. Color cast or scratches appear in printing of Fedar sublimation printer.


(1) Print print head test strip. If test pattern is found to has broken line, it can be judged that ink cartridge cannot eject ink or sublimation printer head is blocked. If line is continuous, but color is cast, you can adjust color in settings or change media or increase resolution. In addition, it is necessary to clean sponge under print head to enhance attractiveness of cleaning.


(2) Fedar sublimation printer head is clogged: cleaning is invalid for several times, and position of interruption line of self-check pattern remains unchanged. It may be that sublimation textile printer head has been blocked. It is difficult to solve problem by simply relying on cleaning function of Fedar sublimation printer. You need to perform professional cleaning immediately.


3. Cross-color: Repeat cleaning or replacement of ink cartridges, or cleaning sponge in cleaning tank.


4.Fedar sublimation printer head is not clogged, but there are slight streaks, scratches or blur on picture: (1) horizontal bar of paper feed key is placed at "0" or "+" (2) Align print head of Fedar sublimation printer (3) Exchange software.

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