How to connect Fedar sublimation printer to computer?

January 29, 2021

With continuous development of advertising industry, more and more manufacturers use Fedar sublimation printer. When using Fedar sublimation printer, we’d better keep temperature and humidity is suitable.Then we can start to connect to computer.

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Generally speaking, built-in interface of wide-format printing machine is generally a USB interface. Specific steps are:


1. In order to avoid current impact on hardware and prevent damage to human body due to poor grounding and leakage, it is best to turn off Fedar sublimation printer and computer;


2. Connect one end of corresponding USB cable to Fedar sublimation printer, and plug other end into computer connector;


It should be noted that if you choose a network port, Fedar sublimation printer can be upgraded to a network inkjet printer. Details of installing network card are as follows:


First, turn off computer and Fedar sublimation printer, then unplug power cord to ensure that sublimation printer is completely powered off to avoid damage, and disconnect interface cable. Finally, open baffle of fixed interface slot of sublimation printer, and then slide network interface card into slot along both sides of interface slot, and push it firmly so that connector is fully inserted into socket inside printer.


When using computer for operating Fedar sublimation printer, a specific IP is required, but some users cannot access Internet after modification. In this case, you can change IP of Fedar sublimation printer instead of computer IP, and then connect with a router. If you can't solve it by yourself, you can contact after-sales service to help modify it.

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