How to maintain Fedar sublimation printer in winter?

January 19, 2021

In winter, weather is cold and dry, so you should be careful when using printer. Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers summarize a few tips for maintenance of sublimation printer in winter:

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1.In winter, room is relatively cold and too dry. It is best to cover Fedar sublimation printer with a larger and thicker cloth, especially cover paper inlet and outlet, because it can ensure that cold air does not enter space of printer too much, so it can prevent ink droplets on print nozzle from solidifying, otherwise it will easily cause Fedar sublimation printer head to block.


2.Keep working temperature of Fedar sublimation printer between 15-30 degrees. If there is heating, turn on heater, and if there is no heating, buy an electric fan or electric heater next to Fedar sublimation printer.


3.Fedar sublimation printer is turned on at least once a week. It needs to be preheated when it is turned on and nozzle cleaning process is automatically carried out. It can discharge ink droplets originally attached to nozzle to avoid clogging caused by ink droplets staying on nozzle for a long time .


4.Too low temperature in winter will harden circuit of Fedar sublimation printer. When using printer, ensure that circuit can operate normally, pay attention to keeping circuit straight, and avoid circuit loss caused by bending of circuit during work.


5.In rainy and snowy weather, be careful not to open window for a long time to avoid intrusion of rain and moisture. You can also use indoor dehumidification methods to drive away moisture for Fedar sublimation printer.

Sublimation Textile Printer

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