Easily damaged parts of Fedar sublimation printer

December 28, 2020

Users are familiar with Fedar sublimation printer, so do you know what parts of Fedar sublimation printer are easily damaged when we use them?

Sublimation Textile Printer

Cap: Cap is located directly below print head of Fedar sublimation printer and on right side of whole Fedar sublimation printer. It mainly protects print head. Its main function is to suck out residual ink in nozzle to avoid drying. According to movement mode, capping station is divided into a slider and a lifting. Generally speaking, lifting capping station cleans Fedar sublimation printer head more thoroughly and has better effect, so it is more suitable for application.


Damper: Generally, Fedar sublimation printer has damper. There is a small plastic bag above Fedar sublimation printer head. When ink tube is connected to Fedar sublimation printer head, you can see it when you open cover. One color has one damper, and there is half a bag of ink inside. Connected between Fedar sublimation printer head and ink tube, there is a filter in damper, which can filter out impurities in ink, ensure smooth ink supply, prevent Fedar sublimation printer head clogging, disconnection and other failures, and play a role in ink filtration. It is used to balance ink pressure of Fedar sublimation printer head and filter impurities, as well as to collect air in ink path, which can reduce chance of Fedar sublimation printer head blockage.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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