How to do daily maintenance of Fedar sublimation printer?

December 16, 2020

If you want Fedar sublimation printer to work efficiently, you need to do a good job of daily maintenance. Only in this way, Fedar sublimation printer can be in best working condition anytime, anywhere.

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1.Correct switch operation provides stable working voltage for Fedar sublimation printer. In daily operation process, pay attention to shut down and power off before performing related maintenance operations to avoid damage to Fedar sublimation printer and accessories caused by live operations.


2. Print test strips every day after starting Fedar sublimation printer, check whether print head is in good condition, whether there are any print quality problems such as disconnection and flying ink. If above problems occur, clean Fedar sublimation printer head in time to solve them to ensure quality of printing output.


3. Check whether ink in ink cartridge is sufficient before printing, add ink in time, and pay attention to adding different colors of ink correctly to avoid mixing of ink.


4.When Fedar sublimation printer is continuously printing day and night, you must remember to let Fedar sublimation printer have a rest time, at least one hour of rest time. Because Fedar sublimation printer generates a huge amount of heat after being used for a long time, if this heat is not released in time, both electronic accessories and related motors will be damaged, which will affect service life of Fedar sublimation printer.

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