Problems about Fedar sublimation printer Maintop

October 22, 2020

Maintop is a common software for Fedar sublimation printer. In process of using Maintop software, you will encounter various problems, such as Maintop software cannot be started, or error prompts,etc.Let’s learn how to solve problems of Fedar sublimation printer Maintop software.
Fedar Sublimation Printer
1. Software problem:we can check whether there is anti-virus software organization Maintop started, and then try to reinstall Maintop, of course,the premise is to uninstall Maintop completely.

2.File loss problem: you should check whether Fedar sublimation printer file being executed is missing or abnormal.


3. Incorrect installation: It is recommended to reinstall Fedar sublimation printer Maintop, and be sure to follow steps step by step.

4. In terms of computer system, you can consider whether system is compatible or not.There are many computer operating systems, and some systems do not support Maintop. Change computer to reinstall Fedar sublimation printer Maintop.

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