Paper jam of fedar sublimation printer

September 24, 2020

Fedar sublimation printer is a kind of precision machine. After long-term use, various minor problems will inevitably occur, such as paper jam of fedar sublimation printer. How to solve paper jam?
Paper Jam of Fedar Sublimation Printer
When paper jam occurs, indicator light on operation panel of fedar sublimation printer will light up, and alarm signal will be sent to host. There are many reasons for this kind of failure, such as debris in paper output path, malfunction of paper feed roller and other components, paper tray not feeding paper, sensor failure, etc. Method of troubleshooting this failure is very simple, just open cover and remove jammed paper.


If paper jams frequently, check paper feed path and remove debris in output path. The front edge of paper should be just above metal plate. When paper exit roller of fedar sublimation printer is worn out and cannot be replaced for a while, you can use method of winding a rubber band for emergency treatment. After wrapping rubber band, friction of paper pick-up is increased and paper feeding can be restored to normal.


In addition, if paper loading tray is not installed properly, and paper quality is not good (too thin, thick, damp), it will also cause paper jams or failure to pick up paper.


Paper feed motor of fedar sublimation printer controls printing paper feed, paper feeding and unloading; back and forth movement of print head carriage of fedar sublimation printer is also powered by motor. Quality of motor also directly affects related operation of fedar sublimation printer. For example, fedar sublimation printer bracket is overcurrent,resistance is too large, etc. These faults are all caused by motor failure.

It should be noted that when picking up paper, you must pick up paper according to feeding direction of fedar sublimation printer, and never turn any knob in opposite direction.

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