The print head cannot eject small ink droplets

August 04, 2020

In the process of printing pictures with a transfer paper fabric printer, sometimes the printed ink dots suddenly appear abnormal. For example, large ink droplets are no problem, but small ink droplets cannot be ejected. Epson DX5 printhead has ink droplet control and detection functions. If the ink droplet control is abnormal, there will be an error prompt, but there is no prompt when printing, and the small ink droplet cannot be ejected. What should users do when encounter such a problem?


There are several reasons for that the print head cannot eject small ink droplets, such as print head failure, printer driver problem, RIP software problem, printer motherboard failure. You can use the elimination method to troubleshoot and confirm the problem. After confirming the problem, we will share the solution.


1.The printhead is malfunctioning; it may be that the nozzl e is clogged, you can use the cleaning function to clean it, if the problem is still there, you have to ask the technical staff for a solution.

2. Printer driver problem. After uninstalling the driver, restart the computer, and then reinstall the original driver. If the uninstallation is not clean, you can reinstall the driver after installing the system.

3. RIP software problem.It can be uninstalled and reinstalled like the driver, delete the non-genuine software, and replace the legal software. Generally, many problems are caused by pirated software.

4. Main board of the transfer paper fabric printer is faulty; this is more troublesome and requires technical support from the manufacturer.

The Print Head Cannot Eject Small Ink Droplets