What's wrong with the sudden stop during printing?

July 22, 2020

When the direct garment printer was printing normally, it suddenly stopped, and the inkjet software displayed normal output information. When this happens, most of the users may not know what caused it. Below we analyze the solutions for this problem.


1. Check the condition of the ground wire: because static electricity will have a bad effect on signal transmission, use high-quality three-phase power sockets and plugs, and connect the standard ground wire to ensure that the direct garment printer has a good grounding. Also check the high-power electrical equipment around the direct garment printer, because the strong electromagnetic field will interfere with the output of the machine, and do not be on the same power supply line as the high-power electrical equipment;


2.Check whether the connectors at both ends of the direct garment printer's printing cable are in poor contact. Replace the power cord and data cable to eliminate both problems. It is recommended that the printing cable should not exceed 3 meters. Too long will also affect the accuracy of data transmission;


3. Turn off the computer's automatic power management function, because the printing work takes a long time. During the printing process, most users often let the computer automatically calculate and output without performing other operations. Now if this management function is turned on, the hard disk will be automatically stop the movement after a period of time, which will cause the transmission of information to be terminated, but the software shows that it is still transmitting;


4.Set the computer print port correctly, it is recommended to set it to network printing, the advantage is to greatly reduce the error of data transmission. If there is no network port, check whether the computer has been set to use the ECP printer port;


5. Regularly defragment hard disk files and clear disk fragments: Method: "Start"">"Programs">"Accessories">"System Tools">"Disk Defragmenter";


6. Computer hardware configuration: The size of the temporary file required for the graphics file is usually 3 to 5 times the size of the source file, so it is necessary to check the capacity of the hard disk space before printing the large-format inkjet work.

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