Difference and selection: Can Digital Printing replace screen printing?

June 28, 2020

Printing technology development so far, has formed a screen printing, rotary screen printing, Roller Printing, digital printing and other printing process co-existing pattern. Various printing process application range, process characteristics and consumables are different.As a traditional classical printing process, screen printing has a wide range of applications and occupies a relatively high proportion in the printing industry. In recent years, the rapid development of digital printing, many people think there will be a trend to replace screen printing. What are the differences between the two printing processes? In this article, the difference between digital printing and screen printing is analyzed.


Traditional screen printing on the type of printing materials compared to digital printing is not much advantage. One is the traditional printing format size limitations, large format industrial digital printing machine ink jet width can be up to 3 ~ 4 meters, uninterrupted printing, unlimited length, they can even form a whole production line; Second, in some materials, the traditional water-based ink printing can not achieve better performance, so only solvent-based ink can be used for printing, and digital printing in any material can be used for ink-jet printing, this avoids the use of a large number of flammable and explosive non-environment-friendly solvents.


The biggest advantage of digital printing mainly focuses on the fine process of color and pattern. The fineness of digital printing pattern is related to the characteristics of inkjet print head and printing speed. The smaller the ink droplets of the inkjet print head, the higher the printing accuracy. Among them, the ink droplets of the Epson micro piezoelectric print head are the smallest. Although the ink droplets of the industrial head are larger than it, the digital printing basically has no coating feeling, and the printing is thin and light , soft and good stickiness. Even the digital printing of paint, because the resin content in the formula is very small, it will not affect the feel.

Difference between digital printing and screen printing