Which is more suitable for you, the double printhead or the single printhead printer?

June 19, 2020

The double printhead printer and the single printhead printer refer to the models using two nozzles or one nozzle in the piezoelectric printing machine. With the rapid development of domestic printing machines and higher user demands, domestic inkjet printing machine has been in recent years more and more versatile and multi-purpose.


The single printhead printing machine is a traditional piezoelectric printing machine application design. In many printer design and applications, most of them are large-brand Epson piezoelectric nozzles, such as Epson DX5 piezoelectric nozzles. Epson DX5 head has better printing stability, high printing accuracy, long service life.


The double printhead printer is a printing device with expanded functions based on the control technology of the single-printhead piezoelectric printing machine. In terms of printing accuracy, it has the same printing accuracy as the single-head printer, and the double printhead printing machine can achieve a faster printing speed, which is almost twice of the single-head printer, or even faster, especially when users are in pursuit of faster printing speed, the double printhead printing machine is undoubtedly the best choice.


The double printhead printer and the single-printhead printer have their own advantages, and are the first choice in the advertising inkjet industry. If you are hesitant about the choice of them, here are some suggestions: for general users,if you do not usually have many orders, choose a single-head printing machine to meet the needs of the use. At the same time, it is cheaper than the double printhead printer, and you can have your own high-quality printing at a lower investment cost. Reduce production costs, and earn more profits; if your order business volume is large, it is obviously more advantageous to choose a double-head printing machine. It has a fast printing speed and can be better save time and save labor costs.

double printhead or the single printhead printer