Solution for shortening or lengthening the printing screen of printer

June 02, 2020

In the production process of the printing machine, sometimes the size of the portrait is shortened or elongated. So why do these problems occur? How should these problems be solved during the printing process? Let fedar digital printer introduce the solution in detail below.
1.Pay attention to the correctness of the size when designing and outputting the image. When importing pictures using the relevant RIP software, it is important to keep the original size of the image unchanged to avoid changing the actual size of the image during import.
2.For customers with high size requirements, a production process meeting must be held to ensure that production-related links are highly valued. The inkjet typesetting file can not be arranged too long. The step parameters of the fedar digital printer should be adjusted well, and it should be controlled within a section of three meters.
3.For small-format advertising printing posters that need to be die-cut, because customers are extremely sensitive to size, they must be strictly prevented from being elongated or shortened. Before production, the correctness of parameters must be tested to increase the intensity of random inspection.   
Do careful inspection, rigorous operation and inkjet production to minimize unrelated errors affecting the size of the printer's inkjet printout.

Solution for Shortening or Lengthening the Printing Screen