Detailed introduction of various inks of piezoelectric printer

June 01, 2020

Our common inkjet printer ink can be divided into water-based and solvent-based. According to the solvent, it can be divided into water-based and non-water-based inks. Water-based inks can be divided into pigment type, dye type, and sublimation ink according to color classification; non-water-based ink can be divided into oil-based pigment ink and solvent-based pigment ink. From a chemical point of view, oil is also one of the solvents. We call them non-water-based inks. In addition, there is an ultraviolet curing ink that few people have mentioned in China. Inkjet inks can be roughly divided into 6 categories.

1. Water-based dye ink: The advantage is that the color is bright, because it is made of water, it evaporates the water, and it does not harm the environment. It is more environmentally friendly; the disadvantage is that it is easy to fade and is generally only used indoors. There are also many materials that can be printed: such as: film, transparent photo cloth, non-woven cloth, mercerized silk cloth, glitter cloth.
2. Pigment ink: The advantage is good light resistance; the disadvantage is the darker color.
3. Water-based sublimation ink: The advantage is that it can be transferred to different media.Such as ceramics, glass, photo non-woven fabrics, pure cotton canvas, etc.; the disadvantage is that the operation procedure is more troublesome, and the price is higher
4. Oil-soluble ink: Because oil-soluble ink is made of pigments, the advantages are odorless and good light resistance; the disadvantage is that it is expensive and must be printed on coated media. Such as: cotton oil canvas, inkjet printing film.
5. Solvent ink: Because it is pigmented, it has the advantages of good light resistance and water resistance, and can be printed on any medium. The disadvantage is that the oil base used is flammable, is a dangerous product, and has a strong taste, which has a certain harm to the human body.
6. UV-curable ink: The advantage is that the ink does not contain volatile solvents, and after curing, the light resistance and water resistance are very good, so it is very suitable for the printing industry; the disadvantage is that some monomers before curing It is easy to cause allergic reactions in some people.

Advantage of Printer Inks