Problems to be noted when installing a Printer machine?

May 27, 2020

Printer machine is a commonly used machine in the textile printing industry. How should the printer that was purchased be installed? What needs to be prepared? What issues should be paid attention to during installation? The following is a brief introduction :


The first thing to do is to prepare a computer, the connection between the textile printer and the computer, all rely on it to transfer data, and there are printing consumables, which will be used during the printing test.In addition, after receiving the textile printer, pay attention to check the following questions:


1.We should place the fedar textile machine and machine frame, then install the frame and main body according to the relevant installation instructions. During the installation process, pay attention to the installation of each accessory in place, and fix the relevant screws so that the printing will not be affected by shaking after installing.


2.Connect and install related cartridges, damper, ink tubes and printhead.In particular, the installation of the printhead must be carried out according to the installation instructions or instructions of the installation personnel, such as the fixing of the printhead, the connection with the ink tube and damper, and the connection of the printhead cable with the head board. And the front and back of the printhead cable should be paid attention.First, how to insert the data line should be clearly defined, and then the operation should be carried out one by one. And don’t try when you are not sure. It is recommended to ask the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer for a schematic diagram of the plug line so as not to burn the printhead.After the line connection is completed, it is necessary to conduct multiple inspections. After there is no problem, the power supply is turned on for operation and printing test.


3.After the installation of the cartridge is completed, check whether the related ink supply is connected properly, refill the cartridge, and be careful not to add too full. Ink pump operation should be turned on and introduce the ink into the printhead, or manually perform the ink pumping operation.After completed these operations, check the flash jet and test the related printing. If it is normal, the installation is successful.


4. Connect the printer to the computer and install the relevant software and drivers according to the instructions. If it is a network connection, set the relevant IP address and online test on the computer according to the instructions.

Fedar Printer Installation Problems