The digital printing machine continues to have problems? Don't panic, let's see if these regular maintenance are done!

May 25, 2020

As a mechanical device, the digital printing machine may cause various printing problems after being used for a long time. Especially when printing problems occur continuously, you must be vigilant. Today we will focus on the regular maintenance of digital printing machines. Fedar textile printing machine manufacture has compiled some knowledge about the regular maintenance of digital printing machines.

1. Daily inspection and maintenance items
①Whether the waste ink cartridge is full
If the amount of waste ink is near the red line, clean the waste ink

Waste Ink Cartridge

②Whether there is air in the ink inlet tube of the ink cartridge
If the problem shown in the figure is caused by the ink tube or the ink part of the ink under the ink cartridge, which causes the ink to not smooth, please clean the ink cartridge

Ink Tube

③Check whether the print head is in good condition before production
If the print head has sporadic broken lines, please perform cleaning operation

Printer Head Cleaning

2. Check and maintain items every two weeks
①Belt oiled
It is recommended to put some grease on the belts at both ends of the printer. The grease can be transmitted to the running-in position of the gears and belts through the belt

Belt Oiled

②Cleaning of capping station
First, move the car out of the capping station, turn on the ink pump test function, and slowly pour the prepared water into the capping station for cleaning

Capping Station

③Scraper cleaning
Wipe clean with wet wipes or white cloth dipped in clean water

Scraper Cleaning

3. Check and maintain items every 3 months
Encoder strip cleaning
Under normal circumstances, check and clean the encoder strip every three months. Wipe clean with a white cloth dipped in alcohol. If the environment is poor, it is recommended to clean it once a month

Encoder Strip Cleaning

4. Check items annually
Power check
Whether the power cord and socket are aging

Power Check

The above periodic inspection and maintenance are aimed at the digital printing machine in normal working condition. When the printer is not working for a long time, such as not working for one month, it is recommended to perform the printhead cleaning work every two weeks; if it is not working for three months or more, it is recommended to empty the ink path, the printhead is removed for cleaning and stored separately.