How to handle the abnormal picture opening of Maintop

May 21, 2020

When using a fedar printer to print out, we need to use Maintop software to import the designed pictures for typesetting and printing. But sometimes we will find that when importing some pictures in JPG format with Maintop, the pictures become black, how to solve this situation?


The main reason for the problem that Maintop imports JPG pictures into black is there is some problems that the designer exported the JPG format after the design of the advertising screen. For example, exporting pictures in CDR, especially when we choose to export CMYK mode JPG format pictures,this problem can easily occur. We can open and view the picture normally, but it will display a black after importing Maintop.


At this time, our solution is to export the picture in the CDR, then use Photoshop to reopen the picture, and save it again. If the Photoshop program is not installed,you can use the related image viewing software or the picture viewer that comes with the windows system to open it and save it again to solve it.

Abnormal Picture Opening of Printer Maintop Software