Why waste ink is produced in the printing process

June 05, 2020

A large amount of waste ink is produced in the printing process of the printer, which is mainly concentrated on the inkjet printer with split design. The main reason lies in the split structure: since only the cartridge needs to be replaced, the joint between the printhead and the cartridge is easy to enter the air, and the printhead is easy to block, thus preventing the ink from flowing smoothly and causing the disconnection phenomenon in printing.


In order to solve the problems of printing disconnection and unclear writing, all inkjet printers are equipped with a hardware system for ink cleaning and nozzle maintenance on the far right side of the printer. The scraper made of rubber is installed inside the printer, and the dirt attached to the nozzle surface is scraped off with the rubber scraper; at the same time, the ink car automatically returns to the "nozzle protection seat" after the printer stops printing, and the sealing function of the "nozzle protection seat" is implemented for a short time to prevent the ink of the printhead from drying up and clogging the printhead.


For split printing machines that are prone to disconnection, the manufacturer adopts a more comprehensive printhead cleaning and dredging system, that is, there is a special pump for cleaning the printhead under the "nozzle protection seat", which regularly extracted ink from the cartridge. Let each color ink pass through the printhead hole, and finally eject from the nozzle to clear the pipeline to ensure the purpose of unblocking. These multiple colors of ink ejected from the nozzle are finally mixed together to become waste ink, which is the cleaning of the printhead Throughout the process, many people simply call it "washing the printhead." There must be a place to store the waste ink produced by "washing the printhead", so the manufacturer has set up a separate plate at the bottom of the printer, called the waste ink tank (also called the waste ink tray), and the waste ink from the "washing printhead" passes through the pipe directly into the waste ink tank under the printer. 


The printhead of the integrated ink jet printer is replaced when the ink cartridge is replaced, so there is no pump attachment, and there is no ink pumping and cleaning. It produces little waste ink. The waste ink bin is under the "nozzle protection seat". However, due to the large amount of waste ink produced by the split machine, the volume of the waste ink bin is also large. At the same time, cotton felt is also placed in the waste ink bin to absorb the waste ink.
Why waste ink is produced in the printing process