Why the print head of digital printer does not inkjet?

May 13, 2020

In the process of inkjet printing, many people will encounter that the nozzle of the printing machine suddenly does not emit ink, which seriously affects the production of digital printing. If the inkjet nozzles caused by some minor problems do not produce ink, you can actually try to solve it yourself. The following are some of the reasons and solutions for the digital printing machine's nozzles not inkjet.


There are the following reasons for print head not inkjet:

1. The data cable is damaged;
The data line is susceptible to external factors, or is accidentally damaged, which will hinder the data transmission, so that the print head cannot accept the data, resulting in no ink output.

2. The head board is damaged;
In the production of digital printing, the print head will move and print with the movement of the head board, and the pattern will be printed on the media. However, if there is a problem with the head board, the print head will also be affected and no ink will be ejected.



1. See if the data cable of the fedar digital inkjet printing machine has any breakage, and if there is any bare copper wire. If there is, you should immediately replace it;

2. Try to clean the head board with alcohol before printing. If the problem cannot be solved, the head board should be replaced;

3. Try printing with a print head, and test which nozzle is clogged with more ink. It should be solved by replacing the print head.

Why the print head of digital printer does not inkjet