Why is your digital printing machine printhead blocked

July 19, 2021

The digital printing machine does not eject ink when printing, resulting in the lack of color in the image content, which is usually referred to as "print head clogging", which is the main factor that affects the image quality and yield. The editor where I am today is very happy to discuss with you the causes of printhead clogging, which will help us better understand our textile printer and improve the picture quality.

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1.after the ink accumulates to a certain extent, the printhead will be blocked on the outside.

This is our common printhead clogging, because the ink must be volatilized into the air to make the screen dry. Ink is also a liquid that is easy to evaporate, and it is easy to volatilize in the air to clear solids. When the printhead is spraying on the fabric, there will always be a part of the ink around it. After this part of the ink is dried in the air, the printhead will gradually become smaller and even block the printhead. This is why we often clean the printhead.


2. the filter inside the printhead is clogged, causing the printhead to not produce ink.
Long-time printheads are used, especially in factories where the printing tasks are not full and often shut down at night. The ink does not flow in the printheads for a long time, and it is easy to adsorb on the internal filter or the wall of the ink channel, so that the ink flow is blocked. The smaller the area will also cause the ink not to come out of the printhead.


3. the failure of the drive circuit.
The aging of the electronic components of the drive circuit and the accumulation of too much dry ink dirt may affect the voltage of the drive printhead, resulting in no ink or unstable ink output from the printhead.


4.replace the ink frequently.
In many cases, the print head may not be well protected when changing the ink, which will also affect the ink jet status of the print head.

Textile Printer

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