Why does ink of Fedar fabric printer become sticky?

April 15, 2021

Thickening of ink will affect printing effect of Fedar fabric printer. Low temperature in winter is an external factor for ink thickening. Under influence of temperature, thinning and thickening of ink is a physical phenomenon, but change is form, not essence (basic properties of ink).

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If ink is too thick, viscosity will increase, but it is best not to adjust its viscosity with thinner or varnish. Because when user needs to adjust ink properties, total amount of various additives that can be contained in original ink produced by ink manufacturer is limited. If amount exceeds and limit, even if it can be used, it will weaken basic performance of ink and affect printing quality of Fedar fabric printer. In addition, viscosity of ink is related to consistency, and here it refers to its nature rather than its phenomenon.

Ink thickening phenomenon of t shirt printer caused by temperature can be solved by following methods:


1. Put original ink on radiator or next to heater to slowly heat up and gradually return to its original state.


2. For emergency use, you can use boiled water for external heating. Specific method is to pour boiled water into basin, and then put original bucket (box) of ink in water, but to prevent water vapor from immersing, take it out when water temperature drops to about 27°C. It can be used after opening lid and stirring evenly. Temperature of t shirt printer workshop should be kept at about 27℃.

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