Why does Fedar sublimation printer need to turn on feather printing?

April 25, 2021

In inkjet printing of sublimation textile printer, there is a feather printing setting that is often used in our operations. What exactly is function of feather function when printing on Fedar sublimation printer?
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Many sublimation textile printers will set corresponding feathering value when they are working. There are three types of feathering methods: large, medium and small. For example, products of Fedar printer series support intelligent feathering function.


Emergence of feathering function has greatly improved error tolerance rate of sublimation textile printer when printing, mainly to correct error of pass, and make printed finished image more beautiful. When printing of Fedar sublimation printer, use feathering function, which can effectively prevent generation of pass, because pass cannot be eliminated after it is generated, which will affect pictures, and if there are shades everywhere, customer will also unacceptable. At the same time, turning on feathering function also has an important function, which is to prevent waste of ink and achieve purpose of saving ink.


Although, using feathering function will have a greater impact on printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer, but corresponding printing accuracy and clarity of output will be greatly improved!

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