Which is better, digital direct printing technology and thermal transfer printing technology?

April 24, 2020

We all know that digital direct textile printing and thermal transfer printing have their own advantages. Which products are suitable for digital direct textile printing and which are suitable for thermal transfer printing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?
Which is better, digital direct printing and thermal transfer printing?
First: The dominant silk screen printing, its printing is aimed at popular clothing, and more than 90% of the T-shirts on the market are realized by silk screen printing! Due to the complex process of color separation, publishing, screen making, printing, drying, etc., and high cost, it is impossible to realize single piece or small batch production. At the same time, due to process limitations, more than 10 colors, or color gradients, the screen is difficult to achieve! In terms of printing quality, it is impossible to achieve photo-level printing effects!
Second: digital sublimation, suitable for chemical fiber fabrics, single-piece printing, perfect color performance, natural transition, high-precision printing, comfortable wearing, but more complicated processes such as hot steaming and washing, need printing,washing and drying equipment,hot steaming equipment and reasonable working space are required, so there are certain technical and investment restrictions for homework. At the same time, sublimation uses chemical consumables that are harmful to the human body.
Third: thermal transfer. This method does not have the limitation of fabric, but the most direct effect after thermal transfer printing is texture.
Fourth: Direct textile digital printing. The pictures in the computer are directly printed on the T-shirt. What you see is what you get. The operation is simple and can be made by a single person. It is suitable for homework or small batch production in the factory. Breathable, comfortable and rich in color, the digital direct textile printing machine is also the most cutting-edge printing solution currently used in high-end personalized clothing.

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