What to pay attention to when using Fedar sublimation printer in a humid environment?

December 09, 2020

Humid air not only affects performance of Fedar sublimation printer and consumables, but most obvious manifestation is slow drying speed of printing screen and decrease of ink adhesion. Therefore, use and maintenance of Fedar sublimation printer in humid weather should be done well.

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1. Pay attention to moisture proof in working environment of Fedar sublimation printer, close doors and windows and other vents in morning and evening to prevent external moisture from being sucked into room;


2. Cover of Fedar sublimation printer should be well covered to avoid short circuit of related circuit boards and components caused by humid air;


3. Pay attention to moisture-proof storage of printing media. Printing media is easy to absorb water and get damp. Damp photo materials can easily cause ink to scatter. Therefore, printer materials should be returned to original packaging after each use, and try not to touch ground and walls.


4. Due to humid weather, pictures printed out by Fedar sublimation printer dry slowly and require a long wait. It is recommended that users turn on printing heating function of Fedar sublimation printer or turn on drying device of Fedar sublimation printer, which can speed up drying of image.


5. In addition, you can also use exhaust fan in working environment of Fedar sublimation printer, or turn on air conditioning dehumidification mode; if humidity is too heavy, you can place some moisture absorbents in room;

Doing such precautions and maintaining printer in humid weather will not only improve work efficiency, but also extend service life of Fedar sublimation printer and improve printing quality.

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