What to pay attention to when operating Fedar sublimation printer in rainy days?

May 20, 2021

How to operate sublimation textile printer in rainy weather and what should be paid attention to? Today Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer will briefly explain for you.

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1.Summer is coming and there are many rainy days, mostly short-term heavy rainfall, accompanied by windy weather. Be sure to close doors and windows in room where Fedar sublimation printer is working, to avoid rainwater entering room and getting wet, because board card accessories inside sublimation textile printer are easy to be damp and corroded, and even line short circuit due to moisture, and board card, nozzles are burned.


2.In rainy days, there is no rain in room, but indoor humidity cannot be ignored. In summer, temperature is high and there is a lot of rain. Especially after rain, air is easy to be humid. Be sure to avoid excessive humidity in room of Fedar sublimation printer. A humid room will also cause board jams. phenomenon of damp corrosion and short circuit of sublimation textile printer.

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