What to do if the printed pattern has rough edges

April 30, 2020

In the printing of fedar sublimation ink printer, sometimes the printed pattern has rough edges. The printed pattern will seriously affect the quality of the product. What causes this problem? Is there any way to solve this kind of problem?
The pattern has rough edges, generally for the following reasons:
1. The printing speed is too fast
Generally, if the printing speed is too fast, rough edges may easily occur. You can lower the printing speed a little bit or apply some oil to the guide rails.
2. The impact of climate
The temperature where the fedar sublimation ink printer is stored is too high or too low. In addition to the temperature, the humidity will also affect. This will affect the ink fluency and dryness.
3. The nozzle of the sublimation ink printer is too dirty
Sometimes residual ink and dust will accumulate in the nozzle for a long time and become impurities to stain the nozzle. Therefore, it will stick to the media during printing and produce rough edges. At this time, you can wipe it with alcohol or clean the nozzle.
4. Paper quality problems or ink quality problems
Sometimes the quality of the media is not good, and the ink bleeds into the paper during printing, so there are rough edges when printing, or it may be a problem caused by the media not absorbing ink.

Printed Pattern has Rough Edges