What skills do Fedar sublimation printer operators need to have?

December 22, 2020

I believe users are familiar with Fedar sublimation printer. So what do you know about a qualified Fedar sublimation printer operator? Please follow Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers to find out below.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1.Seriously learn how to use Fedar sublimation printer


For new users or operator of Fedar sublimation printer, you must carefully study operation process of Fedar sublimation printer, make a record of relevant precautions, and ask technicians humbly if you do not understand.


2.Be familiar with common accessories of Fedar sublimation printer


It is necessary to know common accessories of Fedar sublimation printer, such as print head, ink cartridges, damper, capping station, ink tubes, ink absorber, etc., to facilitate later use and maintenance, because common accessories of Fedar sublimation printer include many vulnerable parts. It may often need to be replaced during maintenance process. To understand switch control function on Fedar sublimation printer, operation and function of buttons on display screen, adjustment method, default parameter values of Fedar sublimation printer, etc.;


3.To develop correct operation method and maintenance habits of Fedar sublimation printer


Operators should pay attention to maintenance of Fedar sublimation printer, develop good maintenance habits, operate Fedar sublimation printer strictly according to procedures, and pay attention to surface cleaning of Fedar sublimation printer, and nozzle cleaning and moisturizing operations; correct paper media consumables are installed, pay attention to use of ink for Fedar sublimation printer, add it in time when ink volume of ink cartridge is too low, etc.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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