What should we pay attention to when using Fedar sublimation printer?

December 23, 2020

Users are familiar with Fedar sublimation printer, so do you know what we need to pay attention to when using Fedar sublimation printer in our daily lives? I believe that some users are not so familiar with this aspect. Please followFedar sublimation printer factory to understand below.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Don't try to disassemble and repair Fedar sublimation printer by yourself.


2. If Fedar sublimation printer produces abnormal noise, smoke, temperature rise, strange smell or other abnormal functions, turn off power immediately, unplug power cord, and contact Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer.


3. Do not use flammable objects or similar products around Fedar sublimation printer.


4. Before moving Fedar sublimation printer, make sure to turn off power and unplug power cord.


5. Always use power switch to turn off Fedar sublimation printer. When this button is pressed, power will be cut off. Before power is cut off, do not unplug Fedar sublimation printer plug or data cable.


6. Make sure Fedar sublimation printer head is fixed in initial position before transporting Fedar sublimation printer.


7. Do not engage in any cleaning and maintenance work before turning off power and unplugging power socket


8. When Fedar sublimation printer is operating, do not touch any power supply components and print heads.


9.At least once a year, remove dust and debris around power plug and power socket.

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