What should be paid attention to in the use of printer accessories?

July 01, 2020

1.Encoder strip: some uses often clean the encoder strip with alcohol, the original encoder strip will not have any problem, because it has anti-corrosion function, but the encoder strip you replace yourself later is not necessarily. None of the current accessory gratings are made of anti-corrosion ink. Alcohol will corrode the encoder strips, and it’ll break after a long time. Wipe with a dry cloth at ordinary times, if not wipe clean, then use water or alcohol;


2.Print cable: this must not be long, preferably shielded;


3.Ink tube: The ink tube must be anti-corrosion. This is very important, and the wall of the anti-corrosion tube will be thicker to prevent cracking;


4.Copper sleeve for printer: the original copper sleeve is specially made for metal softening treatment, and graphite is added to the copper for lubrication, but some copper sleeves do not do this, and the cost is too high. When in use, wipe the shaft with a cloth moistened with liquid oil. You can also use high-temperature solid lubricants for precision machinery, but do not use butter (high temperature and humidity requirements, easy to dry);


5. Printer wiring board: use high-quality wiring board with complete ground wire and insurance;the ground wire should be connected to the metal plate that connect the power supply.

Tips of using printer accessories