What should I pay attention to when using transfer paper in digital printing?

April 14, 2020

The common digital printing machines on the market are mostly thermal transfer equipment. Transfer paper is an indispensable part of thermal transfer printing. What problems should be paid attention to in use?
What is transfer paper?
Transfer paper refers to a type of paper printed with a pattern, and the pattern of the paper can be transferred to other surfaces. In digital printing, the transfer paper can output the pattern to be printed with an inkjet printer and then print it on the clothes.
Notes on using thermal transfer paper:
1. When printing on transfer paper, the pattern faces the garment, so the pattern must be set to mirror image printing in the computer before printing.
2. The transfer paper is transferred by coating technology, so after printing the pattern, the blank space should be reduced to avoid transferring it to the garment and affecting the appearance of the overall pattern.
3. When printing patterns, the printing temperature of the thermal transfer paper is set to about 190 degrees, and the thermal transfer ink time is set to 25-30 seconds. The printing time of different inks is different, and the specific temperature and time depend on the situation.
Thermal transfer technology is now very common in digital printing, so users must understand the relevant technology in advance before purchasing a digital printing machine, and prepare the supporting thermal transfer equipment.

Thermal Transfer Paper Printing